Sweet Sixteen

This past Sunday my niece Isabella Norton (isn’t she too too cute?)  was dedicated at our church. It was really special to be there, and to take part in committing that we will be part of the community who seeks to show her that Jesus is real, alive, and worth believing in.

Afterwards, Anthony and Allison had a great lunch for 30 or so of us back at their home.  Nothin’ like a lunch you have to go to that’s prepared by your Italian chef brother-in-law!  Awesome food.  And amazing flowers arranged by Dad.

A month or so before the event, Allison and I had been shopping at Walmart and Allison saw a picture of the perfect cake for this event… it was a large, 3-tiered, six color Martha Stewart cake.  “Um, Sue, do you think…?”

We worked on it together the week before the dedication.  It’s always good to make new kinds of cakes that stretch me.  This really convinced me that the Wilton decorating classes I’ve signed up for are a good idea.  There were some challenges, but it was fun and I loved being able to be in NJ and make this for the Nortons.

After lunch, I passed out index cards and asked everyone to write a message to Bella that they would like her to read when she turns 16.  (Hopefully Allison and Anthony will keep them safe for 15 1/2 years and then remember to give the messages to her!).  I realized that realistically, some of us might not be there for her.

It was neat to read together the messages that family and friends wrote for Bella.  Most memorable?  Someone wrote:   “Dear Bella, On this day, September 28, 2008, I hope that Obama doesn’t win the November election.  My second hope for you is that you will choose to follow Jesus with your life.”  Others were less controversial;  all very touching.  I imagine that this darling girl will be just as cute as a teenager, and hopefully she will find use for some of the sage advice, prayers, and hopes on these cards.

Sixteen years from now — where will we be?  What do we want to be?  I will be  – gulp – sixty one years old!  I hope that — if I’m still living in this body, that I’m:  more ME.  More comfortable in my own skin;  more who God has made me to be.  More transparently filled with Jesus.  Good things to envision being in sixteen years, but to work on today.  (And hopefully I’ll be able to whip off 3-tier cakes a lot faster!)


One thought on “Sweet Sixteen

  1. Sue,

    I just have to say that the cake is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I really mean it. Totally magazine-worthy! You have become quite the skilled cake decorator! Amazing.

    Thanks also for your blog entries. Always thought provoking, funny, challenging, clever.

    Thanks for being so rotten.

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