Less is More?

Yesterday Yasko, Claire, Annie and I went to a dance recital in Sanda. Five of our friends were in it… Sophia, Megumi, and three friends from house church. We were so proud of them all! Here are a few video clips and photos…img_4985.jpgimg_4987.jpg

Sophia, who just turned 8 – was awesome.

And Megumi could move her booty!

Annie loved watching her friends up on stage, but couldn’t stop staring when she saw them close up…(our friend Minami is on the left; Megumi on the right).img_4998.jpg

Annie kept staring at Megumi, and finally she said, “Mimi, I thought less was more…?”

Megumi is like part of our family, and often stays with us on weekends. Annie has learned LOTS about putting on make-up from Megumi, and Megumi is always teaching Annie that “less is more.”

Now, when Annie does her little girl make-up with Olivia, Annie is always saying to Olivia, “less is more, Olivia. Less is more.”Somehow, though, it didn’t make sense yesterday. Because here Megumi was looking like a call girl… Megumi tried to explain that it was just a rare, special event. But Annie came home, still puzzled and the first thing she said to Eric was, “But Daddy, I thought less was more!”

There are exceptions to every rule…


2 thoughts on “Less is More?

  1. wow….that looks like it was a lot of fun…i cant believe sophia is 8….i remember when she was 5….haha….

  2. AHHHH!!!

    What have I done?!?!?!?! I could see the horror and confusion in Annie girl’s eyes and I couldn’t do anything about it! How am I going to get out of this one? I felt like a hypocrite, but couldn’t do anything about it except to explain that for stage performances, people have to wear lots of make-up. She was so cute though. I could tell that she was seriously thinking through those things. You have one smart girl!

    Thanks for coming to see me!

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