A mother’s prayer

This week our good friends here in Sanda have gone through a great disappointment…their junior high boy wasn’t accepted into the high school where he planned to go. He has made some bad decisions recently that affected the school’s decision; but his mother had prayed her heart out, and even fasted, so that God would allow him to get into this school. Not getting into the school means he is more likely to continue making bad choices and hanging out with the wrong friends…

I sent our friends a quote that has been on my mind these last few days. I used to have it hanging over my desk in college… St. Augustine’s mother, Monica, was a devout Christian – Augustine wasn’t (in his younger years). He wanted to sail away to Italy – big party place! – and so his mom prayed earnestly that God would prevent him from going.
He went anyway; and it was while he was there that he experienced God and his life changed. Here is his quote:

He wrote: “And what she was praying for, O my God, with all those tears was that You should not allow me to sail! But You saw deeper and granted the essential of her prayer: You did not do what she was at that moment asking, that You might do the thing she was always asking” (The Confessions of St. Augustine).

I love this – it brings perspective into our immediate world. In case God hasn’t answered your momentary prayers recently….


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