Annie’s Song

I have found that God gives each of our children special gifts that can suddenly light up a dark room, when we least expect it. Owen’s laugh can bubble up and make everyone else in the room crack up, as well. Olivia’s winsome smile and rascally ways are irresistible and can make grumpy store clerks suddenly smile. One of the gifts that God has given Annie is her singing. We will be driving in the car and she will suddenly just start singing a praise song with incredible gusto. The other night we were in the living room when the kids were in bed and we heard quite a racket from upstairs. It was Annie, singing her heart out (thankfully Owen and Olivia stayed fast asleep!).

When Annie and I were back in L.A. for a week to attend our friends’ weddings, I was asked to share at HOPE Christian Fellowship for five minutes about our ministry in Japan. Annie came up front and stood with me. I shared briefly, and then when I was done I said that Annie was going to sing a song that captures why we are in Japan. She took the mike and sang her heart out. Here is the chorus that she sang, twice…it’s the same chorus – the first one is near the Santa Monica pier a day or two after she sang in church; the second is in our living room yesterday. She has no problem doing it anytime, anywhere!


2 thoughts on “Annie’s Song

  1. Annie has it right “How great is our God!”.

    I felt very special when she sang the song for me in Karuizawa. Now I can here it anytime!

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