Today the Thomson family came over for dinner and we were reunited with them, as they have just returned from a three month home assignment in Los Angeles and Seattle. I wish you could have seen Owen and Toby hug each other- they reminded me of old war buddies who hadn’t seen each other in twenty years. It has been a really fun reunion. Despite all of them having jetlag from arriving last night, things went quickly back to normalcy. You can watch our combined seven children enjoying life (forefront) and putting on a concert (background) in this short video clip. It should convince you:
a) that our kids really really love each other and love being together (even when they fight over toys)
b) to pray that God will provide a home that will allow for times like this to be a bit more….spread out.
Welcome home, our friends. We’ve missed you.


2 thoughts on “Reunion

  1. Wow! I cant believe how big the Thomson kids got! Oman…I wish we could have seen them while we were there…guess I have to go back! Tell everyone I said hi!

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