Heading to Snow Camp…

I am really thankful for our family and friends of faith who join us across the globe, especially before and during significant events.  We would ask you to pray with us this coming weekend… our Be One team is taking 52 of us to the mountains in Iwate prefecture for snow camp.  They have FIVE FEET OF SNOW there right now!  Woohoo!

We are really excited for this!! Seven of our Nozomi staff and their children/families will be coming;  a number of high schoolers, our regular Sunday morning group, and our staff.  For many, this is a first experience at something like this.  We really want it to be a special time of getting away, having a blast, and experiencing deepening relationships.  We will be gone from Saturday morning until Monday afternoon.  We appreciate your prayers for safety, for great fun!, for God’s work in all of our lives.

Thank you… I will post updates and photos when we return!





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