One of the things that I love about our oldest daughter Annie is her directness and ability to verbally process what is going on in her heart.  Tonight Eric had taken the other three children up to bed, and it was me and Annie downstairs.  The slew of questions began as she was getting ready for bed:

“So Mommy, if I had come out of your tummy do you think I would have blonde hair too?

Wouldn’t it be great if I had blonde hair?  Then you would be able to find me right away at undokai (sports festival day).

Do you think if my birth mother still had me that she would like me?

But if I lived with her I could make her laugh!!  (and then) Oh, so she’s still ALIVE?  How old is she?

Don’t you sometimes wish that I had come out of your tummy?

When we get to heaven will we know each other?  Will we all look like children?  WIll there be some adults and some children?  Don’t you think it will be great that we won’t have hiccups in heaven?

Why do all Americans have blonde hair?  Do you think when I am older I can make my hair blonde?


So   I took some time and reminded her of the Amy Carmichael story that I have told them before.  She remembered most of it!  Amy had prayed when she was a little girl that God would give her blue eyes.  One night before she went to bed, she prayed and prayed and finally had full confidence that God had answered her prayer.  When she woke up, she ran over to the mirror and –still brown.  She was sad, but she also KNEW that God could have answered her prayer.

Many years later, God used Amy to help rescue children from prostitution who were being sold to temples.  She had to dress up in full Indian gear, and was able to sneak in and out of the temple grounds disguised as an Indian woman.  She realized later that she could have never done this if God had truly answered her prayers and given her blue eyes!

Later:  “So Mom, did Amy know right then when she was a girl that God was going to give her a reason for keeping her eyes brown?”

Lots of questions!  Thankfully, I don’t think that parents always have to have the answers.  But I am pretty sure that God has some amazing purposes for my most inquisitive eight year old – even purposes for her beautiful brown hair.


2 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Hey Sue
    Am catching up here for the last couple news letters! 🙂
    Really like the items the Ladies are producing!!! You are going to have quite a selection there and very soon!!! Talk about exciting! And look at what our Father is doing in the lives of each of you! Amazing things and wonders! He does do things well…very well and with purpose. And I am very sure HE has some wonders in store for Annie and Owen and Olivia and Ian as well as their Mom and Dad!!! 🙂

    Blessings and Shalom and Love!

  2. Thanks for posting this. What wonderful and thoughtful questions she asked. I think it is awesome that she feels comfortable asking you them. I have heard that most adopted children have those kinds of questions but some never ask them because they feel like their adoptive parents will be upset with them. I want to be that open with Mikayla and hope she never feels like there is a question or thought she can’t ask or tell me.
    I will have to look up that Amy Carmichael story and start telling it to Mikayla now. I always tell her how beautiful and special her dark brown eyes are and how I wish I had her wonderful curly hair. I remember paying lots of money on perms to have curly hair like her’s in high school and college, but it just never seemed to stick more than a month, and then it would be stick straight again.
    You are doing such a wonderful thing over in Japan with those ladies and I pray for you and your family. I know many people have already asked when they can buy the necklaces, but once you get all the details on how to do that figured out I would also love to know. They are so beautiful and the story behind them just touches my heart.

    God Bless!

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