Celebrating and Sending

Last night we had a party to celebrate Olivia’s fifth birthday.  It was a bit cozy, but we invited the other three Asian Access families over – thirteen kids in all!  We had ordered Disney’s “Tangled” (the story of Rapunzel) DVD from Amazon U.S., and it arrived just three hours before the party started. Woohoo!  Everyone- adults and all – enjoyed watching it together.  (It just came out in the theatres in Japan, so most of the group had not seen it yet).

The girls had fun during the party donning princess dresses, and Livvy received some special princess clothes as well… I told her that it was going to make me cry when she tried on the white one…

A fun picture Ian and mom took together…

This theme was a fun cake to make… If you’re going to make a Rapunzel cake, you have to make the tower, and you have to make the hair… Eric was a saint and stayed up with me till 1 am the night before helping with the design and making Rapunzel’s face.

Kent M. and Erik B. were in and out at the party, doing their last minute preparation for their upcoming trip to Sendai to do relief work.  They left this morning for six days.  We had a chance to pray over them, and to also pray as a group for Peter who is up in Sendai for four days.

We are still waiting for more information about Eric going up to Tohoku on Tuesday for four or five days.  This morning during worship we were so encouraged as one of the wives in our group shared that God has really given her a burden to go up to Sendai and do relief work, as well.  Her husband and son have been thinking of going, too.  Our prayer has been to see teams of Japanese from our area going with Eric, so we are praying for the possibility of Eric and the Y. family (and possibly others as well) going back up over Golden Week (a string of national holidays in Japan)  the first week of May.


4 thoughts on “Celebrating and Sending

  1. In the blink of an eye Olivia will be wearing THE white dress! Trust me…Looks like a good time was had by all at her party. Keep us posted on Eric’s trip.

    Hugs & Kisses for the birthday girl!


  2. 3 families from Sanda………..fun to see our A2 friends………….will be praying for Eric’s adventures up north and for Mommy’s adventures in Sanda while Daddy is gone.

  3. Love the cake!! The “brick” molding around her face in the tower is pretty cool too! What a great theme for Olivia’s 5th birthday party! How fun! Hard to believe Olivia is 5 already!!

  4. WoW! How wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing all the GREAT PHOTOS. That is SOME CAKE! Just how did you get that tower to stand up? Is it made of cake too? AWESOME! Happy belated Birthday Olivia!

    BLESSINGS! Will be praying for Eric and others…

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