Openings and Closings

This weekend was busy with Annie’s opening ceremony for first grade, and participating in the wake and funeral of the grandfather/dad of our dear neighbor friends. Eric attended the wake and dinner last night, and today I went to the funeral and cremation. What touched us so much was their family including us in what were very intimate family gatherings, with about twelve or fifteen relatives in attendance at each ceremony. It meant a lot to be able to walk with our friends through their loss and grief this weekend.  Tonight we made some ravioli soup for them and our family and enjoyed a mellow evening.


It was a rainy day for Annie’s opening ceremony, which was a bummer, but it turned out to be fun using umbrellas (our friend Laura taught us that at her wedding!).

It was simpler to post the rest of the photos on Facebook – you can view them here. For those who read Annie’s prayer requests several nights ago – all three of her friends were placed in her class.  Thankful this weekend for God’s work and sweet care  in our family’s life.


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