Saturday night update

Eric is home and doing well.  We’ve had a busy but very sweet day as a family.  We are all so happy to have him back!  Tonight we went and satisfied Eric’s craving:  all-you-can-eat yakiniku (thin-sliced beef that you grill at your table).  It was great fun.  We continue to spend time debriefing, and we both appreciated the chance to talk and debrief with Jack A.,  our mission’s psychologist on the phone.

We just got a call from our friend Kazue.  They are staying temporarily in a friend’s home that is up for sale;  they are searching for a 3 bedroom apartment but so far it has been impossible to find.

They were finally able to go back to Arahama and the location of their home.  They found nothing there, except some of the foundation cinderblocks and part of one tree.  I guess I had hoped that they would find some of their personal things…

This neighborhood had nothing left – it was completely demolished by the tsunami.  They are starting over with absolutely nothing, but still optimistic.  We are working on helping them financially with furniture and clothes needs — if you are interested please contact us.


2 thoughts on “Saturday night update

  1. Hi Sue
    I would like to follow up and see how I might be able to help Kazue and her family. Please let me know what can be done.

    PS Welcome Home Eric!!! 🙂

  2. Sue – Did you get my e-mail about the money Sarah collected? Maybe that could be put towards helping them. Please let me know as we would like to get it sent to wherever you want it to go.


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