Why We Celebrate (by Eric)

Eric was preparing to give an Easter talk this morning for our Easter outreach in the park.  These were some of his thoughts, finished while in Utah with his family.


If Jesus died to forgive the sins of the world, then his resurrection is proof positive that all is forgiven. Indeed if Jesus remained entombed it would have made the perfect tragic ending for a Japanese film, and in fact, it is this supreme sacrifice that commands the undying loyalty of many Japanese Christians to this day. But if it ended there without the “happy ending” of Easter, we here in this world would forever wonder if the sacrifice was enough.

The wages of sin is death and the cross was certainly meant to be the pay out for us.  Yet did it completely eradicate our debt to sin, or was there some part of this cosmic obligation that was left unmet?  Did death still have some claim on Him and thus us? The angel’s announcement that, “He is risen,” was a resounding proclamation to the universe that the debt was paid in full and that we were emancipated once and for all.

Still, we would have little reason to celebrate had he not done one more thing.  Rather than ascending directly to his Father, Jesus remained and visited with those who had lost all hope. He personally assured them in their time of great despair that he was now and would forever be with them. It was this demonstration of great love that once more captured the hearts of those who met him and caused them, and all of us who follow, to hope again.

This is why we celebrate.  Not because we have a hero who gave his all for a cause; not because we have a champion who conquered death itself; but because we have a living, loving Savior who shows up and fills even our deepest darkest days with hope.

Happy Easter.


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