My friend Natsuko recently asked Eric and I if we have a particular liking for insects.  No, and no, we replied.  Eric has recently shared as an icebreaker response that he has a fear of insects.  Well then, as children, she continued, did you both like them when you were young?  No, and no.

It IS odd that all three of our children love critters so much!  In particular, Olivia…  I try hard not to grimace too much at their pursuits.  Here’s our family’s latest hunts and consequent finds/friends:


Last week our whole family had a chance to experience “Doctor Fish.”  A small tank is filled with fish that nibble on the dead skin on your feet and ankles.  We all giggled through our ten-minute session!

And then this afternoon.  Right now, sitting on our dining room table, are two very-alive kabuto-mushi.  (Japanese stag beetles.)    If the name doesn’t scare you, the photos might.  Our friends the Fujiis brought them over.


IMG_3614IMG_3621IMG_3630IMG_3623IMG_3624These two guys are our new PETS.  Olivia tried to get Molly and the big one to play together.  BAD idea.  We’ll keep them separate.  And continue to thank God for ALL creatures, great and small.


5 thoughts on “Critters

    • Hi Chris- you guys need to do it- Luke would love it! The one we went to is in Okinawa- you can go during your visit! I’ll have to get you the name- its a one day fun place to go with several outdoor pools and one of the few onsens in Okinawa- and right on the beach too!

  1. Sue, we tried Dr. Fish last fall when we were at a “yu yu land” type place near Mt. Fuji. It felt really good, both while we were being nibbled and afterwards, but I didn’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed that the fish seemed to flock most eagerly to my feet…

  2. My oldest son loves insects, esp. butterflies. When Hurricane Francis was heading towards us, preparations including catching and sheltering butterflies. In contrast, my youngest son, who is three, is terrified of many insects, including houseflies.

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