Some Thoughts on Miracles

This week I finished up a Bible Study with a group of women from our church that I have really loved.  As part of the study, I read again the story of Jesus’ turning the water into wine– the first recorded miracle.  This particular miracle has never really grabbed me– it’s not about  healing someone, delivering someone, changing someone’s life. But as I studied it this week, I was struck by Mary’s words to the servants:  “Do whatever Jesus asks of you.”  It was only about wine at a wedding.  But the command was simple and strong – whatever Jesus asks.

The bible study asked the question-“what would have happened if Jesus had not done this miracle?”  And perhaps this was the most profound to me– in some ways, it would have not been any big deal.  Guests just wouldn’t have had the good wine.  They would have gone home and not realized what they had missed out on.  I wonder how many times I don’t do whatever Jesus asks — because I’m not listening; because I’m too busy; because I’m too worried about what others think — and I don’t even realize what I’ve missed out on.

This morning I read Luke 1.  It made me smile as I realized that all of the stories of Christmas involved surprises.  Zacharias was so surprised that he couldn’t speak for months afterwards!  Mary was “thoroughly shaken”.  The shepherds quaked… The God who meets us at Christmas comes with surprise as he steps into our lives.  Despite being busy, I don’t want to miss Him – or miss out on His miracles–this Christmas.  God, help us to be obedient to do whatever Jesus asks of us.  And keep on surprising us with the things that you do in our lives.


2 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Miracles

  1. Wow! I couldn’t have said it better. What a beautiful message for all of us! We must be quiet and listen, for sometimes God speaks softly…


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