Three Weddings & (No) Funerals

Annie and I just returned from a wonderful, eight-day whirlwind trip to Los Angeles. I went to attend 3 friends’ weddings all within a week of each other. How many times does THAT happen? Eric said, “Sue, there’s no way that you CAN’T go!” I’m so glad that he encouraged me- it was wonderful to be part of such important events in the lives of special friends…
(I am so sorry that we couldn’t be in touch with more friends in L.A. Our lives were really focused on events surrounding these weddings, and being with my sister Beth who flew from Philadelphia to spend time with us.)
Here are a few highlights:
wedding #1: Tim and Wakako Clark – Tim and I came to Japan together in 1990- it was so great to see him married- a big answer to many prayers!
(Above: Annie with Doug Birdsall– he carried her for a LONG time when jetlag kicked in and she fell asleep during the reception. Below: some favorite Asian Access alumni)

Meeting with Uncle Mark (Eric’s brother) at CPK:

Beth, Annie and I spent a wonderful day in Santa Monica…Annie’s highlight was running away from the waves (and getting her jeans all wet)…

Our MSG (missionary support group) met to hear updates and pray for us:
I had a great chance to spend the day with my friend Gwen, and catch up with her family and the Bellers:

WEDDING #2 – Emi and Sterling

Here is a photo of Emi’s four mentors meeting to share and pray with her just before the ceremony; and Emi’s dad walking her down the aisle:

WEDDING #3: Sandy and Robert

Annie basked in the glory of being a flower girl…and had no apprehensions as she walked down the aisle. (Oh, to be young again!). Robert and Sandy both looked wonderful and happy; there is something to be said for small, intimate weddings.

Thanks, Beth, for coming to be with us in LA- it was so much more fun having you there!
Thanks to the Hogsheads and the Bernards for wonderful hosting. We are so thankful for all you did for us…img_4447.jpg


3 thoughts on “Three Weddings & (No) Funerals

  1. Annie is so funny! I love how she is absolutely BEAMING in a bunch of the pictures. She must have had such a great time. And I’m a bit jealous she got to bask in the glory of being a flower girl. It’s every girl’s dream to be a flower girl.

    Oh, and your 2 dresses looked GREAT on you! see you soon!

  2. Thanks Sue! LOVED having the girls night out with you on Thurs. and to pray with you right before walking down the aisle. I am touched by your support and presence.

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